Our Guiding Cooperative Principles

  1. Voluntary and Open Membership

  2. Democratic Member Control

  3. Members’ Economic Participation

  4. Autonomy and Independence

  5. Education, Training and Information

  6. Cooperation among Cooperatives

  7. Concern for Community

“A vision of ownership through a collective space of goods and services — challenging common shared norms of business growth.”


  • To create sustainable jobs through fulfillment of community needs using the 3 C's — Create, Collaborate, & Calibrate .
  • Support other cooperatives, collaborating with other businesses with the community in mind, people of color businesses, minority owned businesses
  • To design, build and construct landscapes that fit people’s needs and enjoyment. We work to achieve this mission every day.
  • To Educate, Inform, Empower, and essentially Remind our communities of the whole-health perspective to wellness.

Our unity as COOP LA reinforces the values of being a cooperative, working with other cooperatives, and the diversity of approaches towards bringing the community together.


  • Integral Health Knowledge
  • Just sourcing of food, fair labor conditions
  • Understanding and community
  • Whole integral health/wellness, sharing, holistic approaches, and the gift of learning from community

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