3 cooperatives and a social enterprise coming together.

COOP LA formed because our following was growing, our communities enjoyed our products and services, and our only major obstacle was finding a sit-down space we could afford to further serve our communities. At the end of 2017, we found a space in South Gate where we can co-exist and thrive, together. We signed the lease and are currently working on making this our home, and collectively with community support, overcome challenges along the way — to further inspire that same community to work together to make each other’s dreams come true.

Collective Avenue Coffee is a result of a need for a community space through coffee. We wanted to use coffee as the means for conversations and movement for progress where we open.

Semillas Wellness began with an occurance, where one evening we craved the experience of an art show but didn’t want to have to drive as far as downtown for it. That sparked our initiative; two women who grew up and worked in the community, trying to initiate and share the gift with the community of healing through culture, without leaving home.

De La luna Catering started with the desire  to bring healthy food into our communities, accessible for all people, honoring our family recipes while at the same time developing healthier culturally authentic alternatives.